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Thursday, July 4, 2024

A Happy 4th of July Message from Nathan to All...

Hello friends, I know you're only getting re-runs on this channel at the moment, but the authors Allan and Helen are dealing with some health issues right now. Hopefully, some answers will be forthcoming within the next few weeks. And if you'd like to get a full explanation click on this link: 

A Brief Explanation and Drawing from the Darker Side of Life... (

This will take you their other blog channel "Musings of Two Creative Minds" where they talk about writing, voiceover, recording, book reviews and other topics. Sometimes they also get more personal, such as in the entry the above link will be taking you to.

Now getting back today's topic, as someone who served as a soldier for the Union Army back in 1862, I know a lot of just what's at stake when it comes to fighting to preserve and protect our country and those we love. And as we celebrate our country's liberation from our former fatherland, England. I believe it is important to also remember the high cost that was paid for that freedom. And to always be thankful to those who paid the price back then, and ever since, to help make sure we still have that freedom and all the liberties that come with it. 

So please, by all means enjoy the day with family, friends, and fireworks, but also take a brief moment to thank everyone (living and deceased) who helped make this day and keep it, and our nation safe. Because our freedom came at a very heavy price...

*NOTE: I do not own the rights to this video. And for those who are wondering this a clip from the 1972 film version of the musical "1776")